Choosing the appropriate shipping service option is important and a skill that VSA International Freight Management Pty Ltd has honed over the years. Generally speaking, if the cargo unit fits within the walls of a shipping container then look to utilise a dedicated container or even better, a shared container. The internal dimensions of a 40’ container are approximately 12.0 metres long, 2.3 metres wide and 2.8 metres high, also considering door opening restrictions.

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Here at VSA, we are packing shared 40’ container units ex Los Angeles, Charleston and New York to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and even Fremantle every week on the fastest and direct services only. A more reliable, faster or economical way of importing cars from USA to Australia doesn’t exist and we are working with California’s biggest automotive exporter and pooling resources and routings to combine for superbly utilised consolidations of cars, bikes, boats, jet skis, mowers, parts etc. This smart consolidating and superb buying is further enhanced by our joint pioneering of the “R-RAK” unique metal racking system when importing a car from USA to Australia, a safe and secure way of double stacking cargo inside a container, using an easy block and tackle method of hoisting and lowering. This eliminates the possible collapse of wooden packaging, is more environmentally friendly and creates more space inside ensuring 4 cars to a container. Have a look at the video on the home page of our website to see for yourself. With this unique system in place, it enables us to ship a standard motor vehicle which attributes to 25% of a full container cost based on 4 cars being able to fit. 4WD utilities and similar vehicles that take up half of a container are costed as such if their size does not allow a load above. Motor bikes are a lesser unit cost again and parts are charged per cubic metre. Talk to us about any unusual shapes and we can tailor a special rate that works loosely around this simple concept.

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There are some notable variations to the “what fits in a container” where we can cradle on an angle marine craft of just over 2.5 metres wide and still have them fit. We also have the ability to pack up to 2.8-metre-wide marine units into containers on their side. Larger units like trailers, RVs and fifth wheelers can be cost effectively loaded onto “flat rack” open sided units, pay an over-width surcharge and still be ahead of the lesser reliable RO/RO options that also have longer transhipment transits and can get overbooked at times. From the west coast we find most cargo can be shipped on the unit costed regular fixed weekly direct sailing, however where not possible or if cheaper, efficient transhipment RO/RO car carrier services do exist. For units originating from Canada, sometimes it works to bring units out via our Californian gateway, however if border costs prohibit, we have reliable shipping options from the Great Lakes hubs and also from the west coast gateway port of Vancouver.

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VSA is market leaders in USA to Australia Automotive shipping so talk to us about shipping your “pride and joy” today, we are the company to trust.

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