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Vehicle Shipping Australia is a Brisbane based customs clearing house and freight forwarder incorporated in 1991 with offices and agents in all Australian ports. Proudly Australian owned, we have established significant connections with competent partners throughout all major trade lanes worldwide. We are a strong specialist automotive and marine shipping agent that includes an office in Los Angeles and this website,, dedicated to assisting sellers and shippers, registered compliance workshops or retail or commercial buyers and importers understand what sets us apart from the myriad of auto and marine consolidators advertising their abilities in this market. VSA has invested in time, experience and professionalism to become one of the leading car importers servicing the Australian market.

Our full car importing package

Take the time to read through the information on our site so that you better understand our strengths and see you will not have to wait for an answer. Although it’s such a specialist area, we have a vast amount of knowledge that we’ve gained through many years of experience; we’re in a position to offer you immediate service. You are dealing directly with the seller, and directly with the container manifesting, loading, and packing managers. As licensed customs, ozone and quarantine brokers, we are liaising and lodging directly with import regulation offices and also assist with compliance before the registration itself if this management is requested.

Professionals in the field, we are able to navigate complex laws and regulations to help you understand the precise cost you’ll be expected to pay. Depending on if you are importing from USA, UK or somewhere else entirely, the unique circumstances can change the way your import works. We take the most difficult jobs off your hands, and help you to get your new car sooner.

Contact us for more information about our vehicle shipping

If you would like to get a quote from our skilled professional car importers, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3862 4788. We will provide you with full information about our car shipping services, including how you can book, and what you have to keep in mind.


car importers australia
car importers australia